Microaccelerometer MACEK-SH04

This type of microaccelerometer can be found also as MAC-02.
More about succesfull Space Shuttle mission of MACEK you can find here.

The model, MAC-03, was placed on board of minisatelate MIMOSA MIMOSA minisatelite. More about you can find in paper Microaccelerometer MAC-03 on board of MIMOSA mini-satelite , published on the 2nd IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation, Berlin, March 12-16th. 1999.
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Sensor and block of electonics

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Analogue control channels' boards
and power and Synchronization circuits

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Credit card - size PC compatible computer with peripherals.

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Detailed view of sensor and block of electonics, this piece of device was on board of Space Shuttle

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Mikroakcelerometr MACEK before SPACEHAB integration, May 28th,1996

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